New Myanmar Visa Regulations for Travelling the Mergui Archipelago

myanmar visa stampThe most popular tourist activities in the Mergi Archipelago are scuba diving and sailing cruises. In the past those cruises into the Mergui area could only be joined by crossing the border from Rangong in southern Thailand to Kaw Thaung. Tourist who wanted to visit the capital Yangoon and popular attractions in central Burma and then travel south to visit the Mergui Archipelago faced major complications and very strict Myanmar Visa regulations. As of August 2013 the central government eased on most of those regulations – one of it is that a tourist is only allowed to leave the country at the same place he has entered it. Which made it nearly impossible to visit central Burma, then travel south to the Archipelago and leave the country towards Thailand after that.

In the past these regulations made tourists avoid the Mergui region and the new rules, still not very travel friendly, bring a much better situation for roundtrippers. After seven months under these new regulations, there is to confirm that traveling the Mergui Archipelago is a lot easier now. Tourists are still required to hold a valid passport and a Myanmar Tourist Visa, which has to be obtained in advance. The only exception are diving and sailing cruises which operate out of Thailand. On these cruises Passengers will get a Visa On Arrival for the length of their stay in the Mergui Archipelago which is will be charged between 200,- and 350,- U$ depending on the amount of days spent in the Mergui Archipelago.